OPTION 1 – £1,750

1 Videographer & 2 Cameras – FULL HD Coverage

(8 hours of coverage)

Filming starts approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony to capture your guests arriving through to the first dance of the evening reception.

This is a great way to cover the important elements of the day.

This package includes:

A filmic, colour-enhanced highlights reel. The highlights reel, (typically 5 mins in length) edited to your choice of music, encapsulates the most important moments.

A cinematic documentary. The documentary film, (Approximately 30 minutes).
*Speeches and full ceremony are included as bespoke special features on your DVD.

3 DVDs of your bespoke wedding with personalised menus.

Digital files of your edited documentary and highlights reel. (Delivered on USB flash drive).


Bridal Preparations – £200   Groom Preparations – £200   Guest Messages – £250

enter WATCH an example of this video package here.

Photograph by Your Wedding Story